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The first step is to actually do some homework. Figure out exactly the type of people you want to view your website to give you the best chance at success. If your website focuses on dogs, you do not want people interested in buying children’s shoes visiting your website. It seems silly, but some people do everything correctly to the wrong types of people, thus driving useless traffic to their website. Make sure to always select a keyword or keyword phrase. The keyword will be explained later on in the article.The next step, or actually the real first step, is to begin to market your website. There are a few ways to accomplish this. The first one I will discuss is to post advertisements on popular websites. This is a short term strategy. For example, if you were a women’s shoe company, with your target traffic being teenage girls, it would be smart to invest in an advertisement on Facebook, where there are plenty of teenage girls! Another short term internet marketing strategy would be search engine optimization (SEO). SEO boosts your website’s PageRank on Google. This means when your specific keyword(s) is/are searched, your website will come up first on Google. This will bring huge amounts of traffic straight to your website. The proper way to do this is to use the specific keyword in everything you do: every article on your website has it, the domain of your website has it, and even the front page of your website has it. You can also boost your PageRank by submitting your website to social bookmarking sites. These are sites that will give you backlinks directly back to your website. It is basically a referral. By adding content to their website, they will give you links back to yours, thus creating long-term traffic. Another method on the list of internet marketing strategies is to create a sweepstakes. This is basically a method of forcing people to check out your website. Offer a chance to win a sum of money if the person creates an account on your website. People love to tell friends about sweepstakes situations, and soon you will see a temporary boost in traffic. The final method of internet marketing strategies I have is to form some sort of blog or e-mail.Creating a blog where people can participate in will guarantee repeat visits of customers or potential viewers. People love to have their thoughts and words heard via the internet, especially when it is an anonymous situation. An alternative would be to create a weekly e-mail message to all your customers or viewers. This is called a newsletter. The newsletter should contain all the weekly (or however frequently you decide) news of the website, including new products, articles, posts, or sweepstakes offers.